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Print On-Demand


Traditional Printing

Printing Cost

You need to print 

thousands of books/CDs/DVDs upfront to get your work published.

Inventory Cost

The books/CDs/DVDs 

printed are stored in your warehouse.


Some of the books/CDs/DVDs 

printed are being distributed to offline retailers. Online orders are being met by printed books/CDs/DVDs.


Your customers buy your work at the checkout of offline retailers.

Getting Paid

Your royalty fee is minimised because of the printing, inventory and distribution costs.



The printing process starts with the order. It is possible to print  just 1 copy.


Your work is only being printed in response to orders, and only the exact amount ordered is printed. 


Printed books/CDs/DVDs are being shipped directly to the customers. That is the most cost effective and the fastest way for the supply chain. 

Getting Paid

Your royalty fee is maximised because you don't carry any printing/inventory/ distribution costs   on your back         and neither does your publisher.

Traditional Printing

The Advantages of Print-On-Demand for Authors

Higher Royalty Earnings

In traditional publishing, the industry average royalty for authors is 10%. Let's take a look at an example of a comparison between traditional publishing and the print-on-demand system.

Saving Time

You no longer need to submit your book to publishers, wait in the queue and more often than not get rejected.


Feel the power of freedom and open yourself to the unlimited possibilities that freedom will bring you.

We take care of all the technical stuff, you just focus on your work and do some marketing...

The Advantages of Print-On-Demand for authors
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