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All the support you need for your book is here.

We've got your back during your journey

from writer to author.

Data Entry

Turning your manuscript into a digital file before your book begins the production process.

Copy Editing

Checking for sense, incorrect spelling, poor grammar and consistency in the use of punctuation and also the formatting of your manuscript.

Manuscript Assessment

Offering considered feedback on your writing to give an entirely objective view.

Writing Services


Design Services

Page Design

Giving your book a professional interior with a layout and design that enhances the overall presentation. You are free to choose one of our basic style solutions or you can ask for a customized design.Our book designers don't use templates to design your book. Each book is  designed by a real life professional book designer.

Cover Design

Designing a professional and eye-catching cover for your book; making it stand out from the crowd. You have the option to ask for just a front cover design for your e-book or to ask for a full cover design (front-back-spine) to be used both for the printed book and the e-book.

If your book has already been designed, please ask for our            

Print Ready Services.

E-book Conversion

Converting your book source materials into digital book formats such as: Epub, Mobi and Kobo. 


Uploading digital book files to giant digital bookstores such as:,, Amazon Europe, Google Play and Apple iTunes.

E-book Delivery Services

Delivery POD

Printed Book Delivery Services

Delivery to a Print-On-Demand Distribution Channel

Ensuring your book source materials are ready to be printed, using the latest digital printing technology. 


Delivering your book to,, Amazon Europe and the biggest online and offline retailers, bookstores, libraries, academic institutions and distributors within the UK and the United States. Once ordered, your book's internal pages will be produced in full-colour or black and white, depending upon the option you have selected. All books are printed with a full-colour paperback cover, finished with a protective laminate-coating.

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